N.O.L.A. Wedding Photographers

N.O.L.A. Wedding Photographers

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Thank you for your interest in Kapture NOLA Weddings Photography and Video Pricing below


Wedding Photography

We Travel outside of New Orleans for .75 Cents a mile

Option 5

Small Wedding – $1000

Package Details – Includes up to 2 Locations – (3 hrs max)

1 Photographer included

Hi-Resolution Files will be delivered via Dropbox Only

(physical media available on request)

 Option 4

Digital – $1300

Package Details –Includes up to 2 Locations  (4 hrs max)

2 Photographers included

Hi-Resolution Files will be delivered via Dropbox ONLY

(physical media available on request)

 Option 3

Digital Plus – $1600

Package Details –Includes up to 3 Locations (6 hrs max)

2 Photographers included

“Photo Slideshow included (Download Only) ”

Hi-Resolution Files will be delivered via Dropbox Only.

Option 2 


Package Details – Includes up to 4 locations (7 hrs max)

2 Photographers included

Hi-Resolution Files will be delivered via Dropbox or Custom Labeled Disc .  

One 10” by 10” Printed Photo album with “select photos” up to 20 Pages And a Video Slideshow.

Option 1


Package Includes 1 hour Engagement Session and Wedding Photography with Prints

Engagement Session – 1 hour Engagement Session in the New Orleans Area.
(We Travel outside of New Orleans for .75 Cents a mile)

Wedding Photos – Includes up to 4 locations Bride and Groom getting ready, The Ceremony and Reception (8 hrs max)

3 Photographers included

Hi-Resolution Files will be delivered via Dropbox or Data Disc . All unedited Pictures will be included on a separate folder on the Data Disc. One 10” by 10” Printed Photo album up to 20 pages and Upgraded “Lay Flat” Style to eliminate bending at the seams of the photo book, And a DVD Slideshow.


Wedding Video

*We provide 2 wireless lavaliere microphones for clear audio recording during the ceremony.*

 Short Wedding – $1500 

Package Details – Includes up to 3 hours and 1 location, and 2 Videographers

This package also includes editing and a Unique DVD cover with disc label.

You will also receive HD Mp4 files for computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Standard Wedding – $2000

Package Details – The video package can include up to 5 hours and up to 2 locations and 2 Videographers

It also includes editing, a Unique DVD Cover and Disc Label.

You will also receive HD MP4 Video Files for computer use and/or tablet .

Cinematic Wedding – $3000 

Package Details – This video package includes. Up to 7 hours of video and 3 locations and 3 Videographers

This package also includes editing, a unique dvd cover, and disc label.

You will also receive HD MP4 Video Files for computer, tablet, or smart phone and Optional Blu-Ray 




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