Faces of Kapture NOLA

We took to the streets last Friday to give the city of New Orleans a glimpse of not only the quality work they will receive but also the men behind the magic. “Faces of Kapture NOLA”

Sleepless in Seattle – Kapture Global

Seattle , WA Our eyes were in Seattle this past weekend, and what we saw was somewhat of a reflection. “Capital Hill” ,a modern neighborhood in Seattle, reminds us of New Orleans’ more interesting sections. Beautiful parks filled with greenery (pun intended). Art work in every form imaginable (Architecture, sculptures, Graffiti, Food, Music etc). But […]

48 Hour Music Video Project : NOLA

Kapture NOLA Presents ….. “ANTS” by Jealous Monk All Videos had to be filmed and edited within 48 hours.. Every scene had to have either the number “4” or the color “red”. 12 teams Competed.. Filmed for the 48 Hour Music Video Project and voted on during screening at U.S. Mint on 11-19-2013 The Video […]