Bo-Dollis Funeral – Mardi Gras Indians

Big chief Bo Dollis of the Wild Magnolias died on Januaary 20, 2015. At Xavier University of Louisiana’s Convocation Center Mayor Mitch Landreu stated:”He was the physical manifestation of the most beautiful things New Orleans has to offer to the world”. At the funeral it was also stated that Big Chief Bo Dollis would be […]

Trae and Marcus Engagement Shoot

Engagement Portrait Photography The natural chemistry was evident with this engagement photo shoot. We didn’t have to do too much directing, not to mention our clients were sharply dressed and enveloped in beautiful sunlight and scenery.

Ocean Side to Mountain Top – Kapture GLOBAL

 Ocean Side to Mountain Top A trip from Venice Beach to Big Bear Lake – Kapture GLOBAL (LA) Los Angeles completely lives up to the hype and reputation that precedes such a beautifully vibrant and competitive metropolis. In this segment we @KaptureNOLA want to take you on a brief journey from Venice Beach, to the […]

Paul Family Portrait Session

When it comes to scenery, this is one of the better Louisiana Locations I’ve Photographed. Beautiful Family and Beautiful Scenery makes for Fabulous Portraits. My Thanks to The Paul Family

Nashville Tennessee – Kapture Global

Nashville, Tennesse Our Eyes were in Nashville this past month and what we saw was pleasing. Known for its music and food, similar to New Orleans, Nashville impressed us with it’s diverse architecture and contemporary food selections. Overall we had a wonderful time Feeding our faces and souls to some of the best bbq and “country culture” […]

Faces of Kapture NOLA

We took to the streets last Friday to give the city of New Orleans a glimpse of not only the quality work they will receive but also the men behind the magic. “Faces of Kapture NOLA”