48 Hour Music Video Project : NOLA

Kapture NOLA Presents ….. “ANTS” by Jealous Monk All Videos had to be filmed and edited within 48 hours.. Every scene had to have either the number “4” or the color “red”. 12 teams Competed.. Filmed for the 48 Hour Music Video Project and voted on during screening at U.S. Mint on 11-19-2013 The Video […]

Acme Oyster House Customer Testimonial

Do you want to improve the credibility of your business? What better way to do that than with customer testimonials… Let¬†Kapture NOLA¬†increase confidence in your services. here is a customer testimonial we did in conjunction with Zydeco Media and Acme Oyster House. Customer Testimonial for Zydeco Media from Kapture NOLA on Vimeo.