From DJ Soul Sister’s FB

“It’s a tradition for me to throw a big throwdown for my birthday featuring an artist that will make everyone have the best time ever, while helping me celebrate. This year we jammed at Tipitina’s to the super DJ Maseo ( DJ Maseo and Friends) of De La Soul, and it was one of my favorite birthday jams ever because everyone’s energy on the dancefloor was electric! I’d like to thank everyone involved – Funk Baby and Funk Baby CEO Pamela Blackmon, my co-hosts; The PeaceBaker for the yum cupcakes, which everyone was thrilled to learn were gluten-free; Press Fire Design for the great giveaways; the entire staff at Tipitina’s, with special gratitude to Wayne Lee for believing; Michelle Longino, Hanna Naji, McClure’s Barbecue, and Brice Nice for last-minute favors; and especially YOU, for coming and feeling the feeling. Super special gratitude to DJ Maseo and his manager Sean La-La for the great energy and fun.” All Photos by Kapture NOLA

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