┬áParty with a Purpose…….

The New Orleans Museum of Art

We have joined forces to be both a catalyst and vehicle for Public-Private Partnership during the Super Bowl 2013 weekend; and, to showcase the best our society has to offer on-and-off the field.

The purpose of this event is to raise funds to support the efforts of a local non-profit through mentorship.

The Super Bash Party will be an evening of fun and entertainment that will not only support non-profit organizations and businesses that strive for excellence, impact and inspire our communities for the greater good, but highlight and celebrate a football season for team fans and super bowl event followers.

This event will draw patrons of diverse backgrounds, a mix of celebrities, athletes, and trendsetters. Guests will be in attendance from across the country and around the state of Louisiana, joining the festivities.

Please visit http://www.superbashneworleans2013.com/ for more information and to order tickets

Media Coverage by Kapture NOLA

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